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Empowering women with hereditary risk factors for breast cancer to take control of their best health possible, and find the resources they need to move forward.   

                                                                         ~   Millie Elia, M.A., CHWC

                                 ABOUT YOU


You already know you have high risk factors for breast cancer due to a strong family history, or perhaps you have been advised of an abnormal breast cancer gene mutation including BRCA 1/2. 

  • You may be worrying about how other co-conditions you have such as type 2 diabetes, or lifestyle factors like chronic stress, smoking, lack of exercise, difficulty managing your weight and poor eating habits can impact your risk for disease.

  • You are motivated to move forward to reduce your risks with healthy lifestyle changes, but feel overwhelmed, and need personal support to reach your health goals.


  • You may want a trusted resource to take the time to consult with you personally on the best resources available to you, help to coordinate those that meet your needs as a woman at high risk, or support you at your next doctors appointment. 

You just want help to pull all the information together and take action in a way that works for YOUR  life. 

Millie web sized
Millie web sized


"Millie is a wonderful health coach. She is warm and supportive, and possesses an enormous body of knowledge.

As a doctor, I have total confidence in her skills and experience.

Her health coaching program has the potential to transform many lives, and I know that if you have the chance to work with Millie as your health coach, you should definitely grab it -- your future self (and your loved ones) will be very, very glad you did."

  -Dr. Kim Foster, M.D.