Twenty years into my work as an oncology nurse, my older sister, Catherine, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Naturally, she was afraid and overwhelmed.  I promised to hold her hand through it all.


Navigating the healthcare system is a confusing challenge for anyone.  I guided Catherine on how to advocate for herself, improve communication with her healthcare team and maintain her best health possible.  When her treatment was completed, we worked together to recover her emotional center and spirit.


Just 2 years later, after a routine mammogram and ultrasound along with other medical testing, I was declared to be in a “high risk” category of developing breast cancer myself.  As someone living with autoimmune based chronic illness, and knowing I had multiple family members with breast and ovarian cancer, I embarked on my own personal health journey to take back control of the direction of my health.   


Since then, I have dedicated myself to helping others at high risk of developing breast cancer or fearing recurrence, in a more personalized way.  My professional experience make me uniquely qualified to help you and my personal experiences have given me a deep understanding about the ability of the human ability — to not just to survive — but to thrive when given support and guidance.


With more then 20 years of oncology nursing experience, and a master's degree from NYU as a Nurse Practitioner, I am also additionally certified as a Health and Wellness Coach. 

 Now, I support other women with genetic or familial increased risk for breast or ovarian cancer to reduce their modifiable risk factors.

By partnering with them in my step-by-step program to make these lifestyle modifications a part of their daily lives, they are also able to better self-manage other common co-conditions they may have.




5 Days To Better Health