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 M. Elia Wellness, LLC offers affordable workplace wellness coaching and consulting solutions to small businesses both locally and across the U.S..  Our services are supported by licensed and certified experts with backgrounds in a variety of related health and wellness fields including Nursing, nutrition, fitness, and yoga.  M. Elia Wellness is proud to offer cost-effective, professional, high quality, health education programs and wellness initiatives customized to meet the needs of your organization. We offer a convenient menu of employee service options to choose from ranging from basic packages to more comprehensive programs including private Executive Wellness Coaching.

Why consider adding on Wellness programs for your company ?

Wellness programs give employees the incentives, tools, social support, privacy, and strategies to adopt and maintain healthy behaviors. This goes a step beyond their traditional health benefits and places the added support front and center, right at the workplace, making it easier to utilize. Today worksites are doing more to prevent, arrest, and even reverse chronic diseases through programs like these then ever before. They can be a valuable resource for education on cancer prevention and life saving screenings as well. Because of this, wellness programs are now common among both medium and small-sized businesses and are considered regularly part of a company benefits package.

What are some of the benefits?

  1. Improved health related behaviors like stress management, healthier eating and exercise.

  2. Reduction in modifiable health risks for illness like cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

  3. Reduced absenteeism due to illnesses.

  4. Reduced health care costs love to employees and employers.

  5. Increased productivity.

  6. Enhanced quality of life and sense of wellbeing

How are these program implemented?

M. Elia Wellness provides personalized services through a multitude of Worksite Wellness programs that start with assessing your organizations needs. Just some of the topics included in our programs are: fitness at the workplace, stress busters, nutrition, healthy sleep, tobacco reduction and more...  

Here's a look at the ways we can work with you:

  • Engaging healthy lifestyle workshops

  • Conveniently recorded webinars 

  • Lively presentations  

  • 30-60 minute interactive Lunch and Learns


  • Wellness retreats (1/2 and full day)

  • 6 week integrative health and wellness coaching program focused on disease prevention/reversal, and increased life satisfaction

  • Included in every package is a digital FREE monthly "Healthy Living" newsletter

We work with you and your employees to develop initiatives and campaigns that are relevant to your company. Whether your looking for professional help on developing and implementing weekly walking groups, full day retreats, or some other combination of services to suit your needs, we are committed to helping your company reach its wellness goals.

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This service is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any illness or disease. Any information or advise provided through this service by Milagros Elia ( aka Millie) , of M. Elia Wellness, LLC is for general educational and coaching purposes, has not been reviewed nor approved by the FDA and is not intended to take the place of advice from your medical professional, licensed dietitian or nutritionist. You are solely responsible for your health care and activity choices. 

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