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Upcoming Workshop Series on Breast Cancer Prevention!

Have you visited the The Mariandale Center in Ossining, NY? It is a place of hospitality for all who seek spiritual, personal, and communal growth ....and its beautiful. I am so honored to have been invited to host a 6 week workshop series next month on breast cancer prevention starting on Jan. 12th.

The series is called "The Empowered Woman: a mind and body approach to breast cancer prevention." It's based on my integrative health coaching program for women at high risk of breast cancer, and focuses on using a whole person approach to maintaining your best health and wellbeing possible.

The reality is there are many risk factors in developing cancer, some of which you simply can't control - but some of which you can, and this series walks you through those!

Each week we'll have an engaging, interactive group discussion on a different topic that can impact breast cancer development. Topics include:

  • Why restoring healthy sleep can be a powerful lifestyle tool in disease prevention, including cancer.

  • How chronic stress affects your ability to fight cancer, and find simple ways to incorporate relaxation techniques into your everyday life.

  • We'll look at the importance of an anti-inflammatory diet in cancer prevention, weight management, as well as the role of mindfullness in healthier eating.

  • You'll discover the benefits of meal planning not just to maintaining your best your health, but also to your wallet and peace of mind! (You'll take home strategies that work for your busy life!).

  • We'll talk about why leading an active life is vital in cancer prevention, and its role in your mental and spiritual wellbeing as well. Together we'll explore ways to keep your body in motion that you find enriching and enjoy doing!

  • Last but certainly not least, we'll discuss some common coping behaviors that are linked to cancer i.e: smoking and drinking alcohol (Spoiler alert! Yes,drinking alcohol does increase your risk of breast cancer). We’ll talk about how emotional triggers affect us and you’ll leave with valuable tips on controlling cravings.

So come join us if you can, we'd love to have you! And please share the information in this post with anyone you think might be interested.

To reserve your spot just click on this link below and sign up today - hope to see you there!

**Extra Bonus to those who attend**

Each participant will receive a digital PDF workbook emailed to them with valuable information and resources on the topic for that week.

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