"Beyond the Mammogram..."

Health & Wellness Coaching Program

 Introducing a 6 week comprehensive, integrative, health coaching program designed specifically for women at high risk who are motivated to change unhealthy lifestyle risk factors for breast cancer and create a life of vibrant health!

   “Beyond the Mammogram: The Empowered Woman's guide to total Wellness”

                                             6 weeks to reduced risks, vibrant health and a life you love!

  •  Feel empowered and confident in positioning yourself to take control of your best health possible.

  •  Take steps to keep your risk of breast and ovarian cancer as low as it can be through lasting and healthy behavior changes.

  • Enjoy life feeling more energetic, and balanced.

  • Learn how to naturally eat healthier to nourish your body and maintain an optimal weight. Live a more active, creative life, you truly enjoy, while improving your sleep, reducing your stress and finally stopping unwanted habits.

  • Receive the attention, guidance, and all the support you need to reach your goals.


Are you a woman with concerns about developing breast cancer due to a past medical or family history, results of genetic testing, or a combination of reasons that include lifestyle choices?

Maybe you’re also experiencing weight gain, fatigue, chronic stress, or other symptoms that are affecting your health and quality of life…

Do you feel overwhelmed with medical information and feel like you don’t get enough time with your doctor to make sense of everything you need to know to stay healthy?

What if you could have someone help walk you through a step by step program that guides you on exactly what you can do to reduce your risk factors, find balance and take control of your best health possible!











"Beyond the Mammogram.." is a 6 week integrative health coaching program containing 3 main risk reduction modules dedicated to your total wellness: Stress Management, Healthier Eating, and Active Living.

There are subtopics included in these like relaxation, mindful eating, and more!

We’ll dedicate 2 weeks to each of the main modules so you have plenty of time to really absorb the content, work through challenges together and implement the strategies on your own.

Before starting each new module you will be emailed a PDF workbook that are a rich resource library of easy to digest information that includes hyperlinks to the latest research. Included in these workbooks are topic related coaching questions to start framing your thinking around.

Each workbook contains tools to boost your confidence and banish any concerns that may be holding you back from jumping into action!

Some extra’s you’ll find within these lessons are worksheets, journaling and “tracking your success” pages, along with lesson specific extra's like a template for a weekly menu planning worksheet, and sleep diary pages to just to name a few.

The sessions are conducted according to your preference by phone or video conferencing, or if local then in my Westchester, NY office, all conveniently scheduled at a time that works for you!

Each of the 6 weeks will include 1 coaching call specific to the topic we're covering in the program that week.


The 1st call we'll go through an in-depth 90 minute session that includes developing your ‘Big Picture’ vision of your best health. We'll discuss your current challenges, building on past successes and exploring new strategies to help you reach your goals.

You’ll leave with specific weekly action steps to get you started right away!  

After the 1st session the remaining 5 weeks calls will be 60 minutes devoted to reviewing your prior goals and any challenges you may have experienced. We'll continue to work on setting new goals as we make our way through the modules together.

Following each call you will receive a session summary emailed to so you can go back and review what we’ve talked about whenever you want.

Bonuses included:

  • Email support in between sessions (during my email "office hours" M-F 9am-5:00pm EST).

  • Personalized resources emailed to you between sessions based on related topics that may come up during our call. These resources are customized to your individual needs to help keep you motivated and moving forward (a few ex.’s: articles, YouTube videos, inspirational quotes etc.).

  • A comprehensive "Resource Sheet" with curated lists of specialty apps to choose from that you can download to help you along the way ie: exercise, healthy recipes etc..

  • A PDF collection of seasonal produce grocery shopping lists specific to the Pacific North East.







Created by a Health and Wellness coach, with a clinical background in oncology as a Nurse Practitioner, this program was designed to offer you personalized support you as move through each risk reduction module.

                                                                    Meet your coach: 

                       Millie Elia, Nurse Practitioner and Certified Health and Wellness Coach

As a woman at high risk of breast cancer myself, and with multiple close family members with breast and ovarian cancer, I understand your worries and concerns on a personal level.  

Inspired by my years in oncology as a Nurse Practitioner, I have now combined my clinical knowledge and skills as a Health and Wellness coach to create this unique course.


I have dedicated myself to empower women at higher risk of breast cancer to take control of their best health possible.

By purchasing this program, my hope is you will benefit from my past experience as I support you in mind, body, and spirit, to break down obstacles and successfully begin to reach your wellness goals.

Are you ready….

  • To gain the knowledge and support to help alleviate some of your worries around developing cancer and instead, start feeling empowered in your actions?

  • To find ways to lower your overall stress level and make time for YOU that fits in with your work and family life?


  • For expert guidance on healthier eating that optimizes your weight, stabilizes your blood sugar and reduces your disease risk?


  • To release yourself from unhealthy practices that contribute to increased cancer risk?

  • To start leading an active, and creative life that you enjoy!?

  • To resume getting a good night’s sleep and feel energetic in the morning?

You deserve unrushed, personalized support and encouragement from a trusted resource that can work privately with you, on your schedule. I can help you define your goals, work through your challenges, and be your accountability partner on the road to better health.

"Beyond the Mammogram..." 6 week health coaching program is a complete road map to good health and wellbeing, structured with YOU in mind.

It takes a comprehensive science-based look at well-known modifiable risk factors to breast cancer, and how they relate to common behaviors and lifestyle choices.

The program breaks these down into easy to follow modules that you’re sure to find both educational and inspiring.

Whether you’re looking to improve your health and avoid this devastating illness, or continue to maintain the good health you already have, this program is designed to offer you 1 to1 professional support to thrive in body, mind and spirit.

This program was developed under the guidance of a Family Physician, Dr. Kim Foster. Read on to see what she has to has to say about it:

  "Millie is a wonderful health coach. She is warm and supportive, and possesses an enormous body of knowledge. As a doctor, I have total confidence in her skills and experience. Her health coaching program has the potential to transform many lives, and I know that if you have the chance to work with Millie as your health coach, you should definitely grab it -- your future self (and your loved ones) will be very, very glad you did." -Dr. Kim Foster, M.D.







                                                 Module 1:  Stress Management

Topic 1. "Relaxation Techniques"

We’ll explore how over time chronic stress can lower our immune system, and paves the way for behaviors that can result in chronic inflammation, leaving us susceptible to diseases like cancer.

We’ll start by talking about your daily stressors, work on recognizing the stressed response on your body and identify personal triggers.

Together we’ll review some of the known benefits to your health just by simply initiating some simple relaxation practices.  We’ll discuss and identify the techniques that resonate with you and can be easily incorporated into your day to day life right now - without taking too much time!

Topic 2. "Restorative Sleep"

We’ll look at the evidence between being chronically sleep deprived, inflammation and the potential for developing illnesses like cancer

Together we’ll examine your regular sleep patterns and how it may be impacting your overall health and wellbeing. We’ll also look at the hidden connection between your daily stress levels and lifestyle that may be contributing to the problem.

Together we’ll explore your challenges to getting good sleep and strategize simple ways you can implement right now to improve not just the quantity but also the quality of the sleep you do get.

                                                      Module 2: Healthier Eating

Topic 1. "Healthier Eating"

We’ll look at what research says is a link between a diet high in sugar and refined carbs and breast cancer.  

Together we will review what research has to say on how a mainly whole foods plant based anti-inflammatory way of eating is naturally diet free and nourishing to your body - while helping you to optimize and maintain your weight! 

We’ll explore your readiness, motivation and mindset around transforming your eating habits into more mindful ones.

We’ll also review your food preferences, discuss the value of menu planning, identify any emotional eating triggers and strategies for overcoming them. 

Together we’ll set up realistic, manageable, weekly goals that will begin to shift you naturally into a healthier whole foods, anti-inflammatory way of fueling your body.


Topic 2. "Menu Planning"

We’ll look at the health benefits to a home cooked meal that would include better quality foods consumed and with an easier time managing weight, all which lead to reduced disease risk. And we’ll discuss your barriers to planning a home-cooked weekly menu ( like time!) and strategize ways to overcome them.

Together we’ll come up with easy cost saving action steps you can take ahead of time to benefit your health, and reduced your stress.


                                                           Module 3: Active Living

We’ll start off by discussing where you’re at right now activity-wise along, and look at what are the most current recommendations for cancer prevention.

We’ll also explore your challenges, and brainstorm ways to overcome them and lastly, set up realistic, manageable weekly goals based on activities YOU find enriching and enjoy doing!



                                                            Reduced Tobacco Use


The evidence is clear on the link between smoking tobacco and cancer including women with the BRCA 1/2 mutation.

To start, we’ll spend time reflecting on your motivation behind the desire to stop smoking now. We’ll discuss what has worked for you in the past as well as what hasn’t. Together we’ll explore your current challenges to quitting, including emotional triggers.

We’ll then strategize on ways to combat cravings, while we incorporate a "bite size" mentality of a daily or weekly step by step approach to reducing each cigarette daily.


                                                      Alcohol Use and Breast Cancer Risk

We’ll discuss how much alcohol you currently consume, any triggers or social beliefs you may hold that influence you’re drinking - and your motivation for reducing that amount now.

We’ll explore the latest research on alcohol as a risk factor for breast cancer and together we’ll devise strategies to reduce your consumption while putting in place habits that keep your best health in mind!








  • The established relationship between the effects of long term, unrelenting chronic stress on the body and examine how these effects have the potential for malignant cell changes .


  • How relaxation techniques breaks this detrimental stress cycle and brings the body and mind back into a state of equilibrium.


  • The link between chronic sleep deprivation, hormone disruption, obesity and illnesses that may include cancer. And why women are particularly susceptible to having disrupted sleep patterns.


  • The relationship between diet and inflammation, and how inflammation is linked to obesity and breast cancer.

  • Why whole food plant based nourishment reduces inflammation and disease risk and helps to optimize weight.


  • How routinely practicing techniques like meal planning and “mindful eating” and can help with cravings and healthier eating in general.


  • Why keeping active is important in breast cancer prevention.


  • How much and what kinds of weekly activity is minimally needed for a healthy vibrant life.


And for the optional modules of tobacco and alcohol, you'll know…


  • How both 1st hand and second hand have been linked to higher risk of breast cancer in women.


  • How to counter possible weight gain associated with quitting.


  • Clear strategies on managing tobacco cravings.


  • Recommendations against routine daily alcohol consumption that may lead to breast cancer.


  • Action steps you can take to begin reducing the amount you drink.


You will also have….

  • Unrushed, personalized support and encouragement from a trusted source. 

  • Someone who can help guide you to other helpful local resources when needed like genetic counselors.

  • A coach who really hears and acknowledges what matters most to you, understands and validates what you’re feeling right now and what challenges you face moving forward.

  • An accountability partner to help make these healthy behavior changes a part of your everyday routine

  • Strategies customized to fit your life

  • A treasure box of ideas to experiment with that keep you excited to keep moving forward

  • A variety of creative resources included in each module, like journals,. planners and valuable links to keep you fully engaged and enjoying the process









   "Beyond the Mammogram: The Empowered Woman's guide to total Wellness"


  • 6 week private, 1 to 1, health coaching program package =  $450


  • 2 easy monthly payments  =  $249 

                                    Group Coaching Option Available!

Small Group coaching available with 5 person minimum via video conference or in-person (if local ) =  $199/person

Who is group coaching for?

  • Physician practices with multiple, motivated patients that can benefit from the program at significant cost savings.

  • Those who enjoy sharing their wellness journey with like-minded people who have similar goals. 








                       Interested in only certain modules of the program for a smaller investment?

                                             Then the 2 week "Kick Start" option is for you!

  • Pick any 2 week module (Stress Management, Healthier Eating, or Active Living) and get all the same support you need in exactly the area your looking for to get you on the road to successful changes.

  • You'll receive 1 weekly coaching call for each of the two weeks plus:​



  1. Email support in between sessions (during my email "office hours" M-F 9am-5:00pm EST).

  2. Personalized resources emailed to you between sessions based on related topics that may come up during our call. These resources are customized to your individual needs to help keep you motivated and moving forward (a few ex.’s: articles, YouTube videos, inspirational quotes etc.).

  3. Comprehensive resource sheets

  4. Module specific PDF workbook

                                                          Kick Start Program Fee: $150

Both the complete 6week and 2 week kick start "Beyond the Mammogram..." integrative health coaching program is for you if ......

  • You know you have a higher risk of breast cancer because you have one or more close relatives who have had it and/or you carry a abnormal genetic mutation for breast cancer. Because of this you find yourself awake at night worried about your health risk, but have no idea what to do about it!


  • You feel overwhelmed by the medical system and don’t know how to get started on the road to your best health possible .

  • You've tried to other health programs, but had trouble sticking to them.

  • Your interested in a health program that uses a "Whole Person" approach to breast cancer prevention.

  • You need help figuring out strategies to incorporate new habits into your busy lifestyle.​

  • You are worried about how the 20- 30 pounds extra weight you are carrying especially after menopause will affect your health risks and/or may be a smoker, or daily alcohol drinker.

  • Maybe you lead a sedentary lifestyle and have a less then optimal diet.

  • You want to know exactly what steps you can take to make the changes to reduce your risk factors and would like an accountability partner to keep you on track.

  • You’re motivated and know you can make these healthy changes with some support and guidance from a professional resource who really listens to you.

This is not for you if:

  • You don't feel motivated right now to prioritize making lasting healthy behavior changes that reduce your risk factors for breast cancer.

  • You don’t believe there is anything you can do to empower yourself and reduce your modifiable risk factors for breast cancer (spoiler alert : Not True!).


  • You’re not interested in 1 on 1 support from a knowledgeable and caring professional to offer you personalized support to reduce your risk of cancer.


1. Who is this program for again?

Any woman who knows or believes she is at higher risk of breast cancer and believes she can empower herself to make lasting changes that reduce her risks.

2. How do the coaching sessions happen?

Coaching sessions happen once a week for 6 weeks and can be conducted over the phone, via video conferencing, or if local, at my Westchester, NY office. 

3. How much does it cost?

The total investment for “Beyond the Mammogram...” private 6 week program is $450 if paid in full or in 2 easy monthly payments of $249.

**Small Group coaching is available with 5 person minimum via Zoom or In-person (if local) =


"Ala Carte" 2 week - Kick Start Program Option total investment = $150/person

4) When does this program start?

The private program is always available and can be scheduled after our initial FREE "Discovery" call.

***The Group program is available with 5 person signup - know a friend that might be interested? Ask them to join with you!  Think you doctor's practice might benefit? Suggest starting a group!

5) What if I’m not satisfied?

Refunds are prorated throughout the entire program and must be requested prior to a session starting. Once a session has started it will not be included in the refund.

So, for example: $450 / 6 weeks = $75 per coaching session. If a refund is requested right after the 3rd session then $225 will be refunded for the remaining 3.

6) How will coaching help me?

As a Health and Wellness Coach I act as a guide and ally, helping you create new, healthy habits, and let go of unhealthy behaviors. I help you transform your health goals into realities. In this role I also help you identify potential stumbling blocks and hold you accountable for your health behaviors so that you have the best chance of reaching the goals you’ve set.

You may have found a lot of difficulty in trying to do-it-yourself for your own massive lifestyle changes – most people have tried this, and many have failed.

It’s frustrating and disheartening…but it’s exactly the role of a coach to help with this!

7) What’s the difference between my role as a health coach and a Nurse Practitioner?

As a Health and Wellness Coach my role is holistic and supportive of healthy behavior changes. My work with you in this role is rooted in habit change and nurtures a positive mindset that allows you to successfully accomplish your health goals.

In my role here with you is as an integrative health coach, I will not be acting as a medical practitioner in charge of your care. I will not be assessing, diagnosing or prescribing anything to you. You must continue to see and be advised by your own medical healthcare provider for any health related concerns, changes or adjustments. While I bring my years of expertise with me into my coach role, nevertheless as a Nurse Practitioner my scope of practice does not include health and wellness coaching.

I am also not a Registered Dietician and cannot prescribe a specific diet regimen to you. Nor am I a psychotherapist and so cannot offer emotional or mental counseling based on past or current traumas.

Lastly while "health and wellness" coaching is not yet billable by most insurance company, some flexible payment account may include this as an acceptable expense. You will need to contact them to ask.

8) What is a coach’s role?

A health and wellness coach partners with clients to gain the knowledge, skills, tools and confidence to become active participants in their care so that they can reach their health goals.

9) What can I expect in each coaching session?

As your personal Coach you can expect me to listen closely to you and your desires and work within that guideline as much as possible. The goal of each coaching session is to work through setbacks you may be having, clarify goals as needed and find ways to move forward on decided goals by creating specific action steps. You as the client are expected to hold yourself ultimately accountable for what you do and don’t do to make these sessions productive.

10) What kind of commitment is required?

A 6 consecutive week commitment is required to complete the “Beyond the Mammogram...” program.

The sessions are: 90 minutes for the first, and 60 minutes for the remaining 5 calls which you will be need to schedule beforehand at a time and manner that is convenient for you.

By the end of each call we will have developed action steps for you to implement prior to our next call. In order to experience the maximum benefits to your health and wellbeing, you will need to commit to doing the work between sessions.

11) What happens after the discovery call?

Here’s what happens after our Discovery Call:

  • Step 1: Let me know you’d like to start the program either at the end of that call or you can send me an email whenever you are ready.

  • Step 2: I’ll then get in touch with you to set up our first coaching session and send you my Welcome Packet

That’s it! Are you ready to get started?


Program fee:

The total investment for “Beyond the Mammogram: The Empowered Woman's guide to total Wellness ” private 6 week program is $450, if paid in full , or in 2 easy monthly payments of $249.

***Small Group coaching is available with 5 person minimum via video conferencing or in-person (if local) =  $270/person

"Ala Carte" 2 week - Kick Start Program Option, total investment = $150/person

About the Program

What’s Included In This Program

Optional Modules.....

By the end of this 6 week program you will know.....

Program Fee

  "Ala Carte"  2 Week - Kick Start Program Option

My initial 20 minute Discovery Call is free of charge in a private phone call or video session.  I will guide you in summarizing your journey up to now, what your goals are, and how the "Beyond the Mammogram..."  6 week coaching program can help.

Please be aware, the 6 week program is purchased in the payment option most convenient to you prior to booking.  Individuals interested in a group 6 week program can not start booking sessions until if and when there is a 5 person minimum sign up.


If purchasing the the private 1 to 1 program and booking your ongoing sessions, you will be sent a "Welcome Packet" that includes an Intake Assessment Form to complete and send back prior to our first full session.

Standard session fees include meetings scheduled via phone or video conferencing.  


For residents of Westchester County, NY, optional in-person meetings can be arranged at my office, or in the privacy of your home.

***If local to Westchester, NY, as an add-on option with purchasing the program as a private 1 to 1 client , I am available to accompany you on doctor's visits for the very best support in coordination of your care for a small additional fee.  

Need less individualized support, and prefer to go through just the program with a friend?

Ask about Group Sessions that can be conveniently arranged, and at lower cost to each participant, with a 5 person minimum! 

I am available for speaking events on breast health or HBOC either in the USA or Internationally. Please contact me directly to book.

Contact me for a Free Discovery Session >