To help you along the way on your journey

​I have started to culminate a list of resources that I hope you will find helpful. You will find links to the latest evidence based research integrative therapies as well as the latest evidence based research.

This list is appropriate whether you are a Previvor with heredity risks for breast or ovarian cancer, or a BRCA(+) survivor concerned with your risk of recurrence.

It is still growing and so is by no means complete, but its a good place to start. Check back frequently!

Articles of interest:

  1. "What is Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer?

  2. "Smoking and physical inactivity increase cancer prevalence in BRCA-1 and BRCA-2 mutation carriers: results from a retrospective observational

  3. "Diabetes mellitus is associated with breast cancer: systematic review, meta-analysis, and in silica reproduction"

 Cancer Genetic Testing:

  •    Hudson Valley Cancer Genetics - Physician owned and operated.  Comprehensive assessment of personal and family cancer risk, screening tests, and records. Genetic Counseling and testing specific to cancer. Consultations to review surveillance, prevention strategies, and implications for family members.


Recommended Products for Purchase: ( Click on images to learn more )

"Breast: The Owners Manual" by Dr Kristi Funk
Easy-to-digest information from a leading authority on breast health, 
Dr. Kristi Funk, breast surgeon.
Whether your interested in reducing cancer risk, managing choices or optimizing outcomes this book is well worth the read!
Billow Pillow – Post Surgical Functional Relief & Comfort
The Billow Pillow is a luxurious and functional post-op pillow that provides relief and comfort from breast surgery (including mastectomy, reconstructive, augmentation or reduction). It is also highly effective for discomfort from nursing or your larger breast size.
Billow Roll Silk Pillow – Your Billow Pillow’s Best Friend
The Billow Roll Pillow is a perfect addition to your existing Billow Pillow, or can be used on its own as a bolster behind the neck, lower back, between the breasts, or legs.
Billow Heart Pillow – Added Cushioning for Healing
The Billow Heart Pillow gently tucks under the arm to provide relief during the healing process and provides comfortable support while sitting or lying down. It is also a great solution to provide relief from your seatbelt while driving, or any other time when your sensitive breasts may need some extra cushioning.
Pocketed Front Closure Bra – Post Surgery Lifesaver
Adjustable, pocketed, underwire free and made with softer-than cotton modal fabric to offer comfortable compression with easy ‘front closure’ on-and-off. This post-op bra is the ideal companion during your recovery phase after breast surgery.
Miena Robe with Optional Drain Management Belt
A must have for any patient undergoing mastectomy surgery. Luxurious, functional and thoughtfully designed, this robe is the ultimate loungewear piece that can be worn during treatment, recovery and beyond. The optional drain management belt can be used post-surgery and then removed once drains are no longer needed.
MakeMerry Pocketed Lace Shelf Bra Camisole
Designed in collaboration with Radiation Oncologist Dr. Katie Deming, the MakeMerry® Lace Shelf bra camisole keeps you comfortable during radiation and beyond.
Leslie Soft Support Leisure Bra – Underwire Free Bliss
So soft and comfy you simply won’t take it off! The Leslie Soft Support Leisure Bra comes in softer-than-cotton modal fabric, with a breathable mesh panel for your utmost comfort. Easy to put on as a pullover or step-in, the bra will serve you well during all phases of breast cancer and well beyond your recovery to your most comfortable workout ever.
Kiku T-Shirt Bra – Low Side Coverage & No Side Seams
A soft, underwire free and sporty t-shirt bra that is comfortable and undetectable under dark or neutral colored tops. The low side coverage is perfect for women who have gone through surgery, be it lift, augmentation, reconstruction or reduction.
Kara Wrap Dress – Recover in Comfort and Style
Whatever phase of breast cancer you are in, the Kara Wrap Dress has you covered! It’s so comfortable, you barely know you have it on. This wrap style dress is a versatile, simple loungewear piece to help you recover in comfort and style. It is easy to put on even with that limited range of motion after surgery. Perfect for the home, but just as ideal for women with regular imaging scans at the doctor’s office.

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